Thursday, February 01, 2007

Using Free Hosting Services

Free web hosting is the most basic web hosting service that you can obtain and there are many free hosting companies that are available on the internet. Free hosting services are usually financed by advertisements on web sites that are hosted.

Free web hosting services are extremely limited. If you get a free hosting service you will have ads on the top and the bottom of your web-site and depending on what your web-site is all about, it may not fit at all but for people starting out on the internet it may be the best option if you don’t have a lot of traffic or just a small site.

The type of web domain that you receive when you get a free web hosting is a subdomain with the name that you pick ( or a name in a directory ( For example, if the name of your free host is,
Then your web domain would be

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Capsaicin A Hot Nutrition Term You Need To Know About

A incredible study was released today that demonstrated that the main compound found in hot peppers can cause certain cancer cells to die.

This compound is called "Capsaicin." This is actually the compound inside hot peppers that actually makes them hot, hot, hot.

So the hotter the pepper, the higher the level of Capsaicin.

In today's study released by US and Japanese researchers, the presence of Capsaicin showed an 80% reduction in prostate cancer alone.


I'll tell you this,

The benefits of Capsaicin in hot peppers have been known for years and go far beyond its anti-cancer fighting attributes...

So pay close attention.

Here are the most notable (and dramatic) hot pepper health benefits:

- Anti-inflammatory: Capsaicin has been proven to fight chronic inflammation, a rapidly growing condition in North America.

- Headache Relief: Studies have shown that Capsaicin is extremely effective for relieving AND preventing cluster headaches, migraine headaches and sinus headaches. Another growing problem among many North Americans.

- Sinus Relief: Capsaicin possesses powerful anti-bacterial properties that naturally clear out congested nasal passages. Its no secret that your eyes water and you often get a runny nose when you eat a really hot pepper. That is the cleansing process at its finest.

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