Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How's Your Internet Video?

With the proliferation of video on the ‘net, an entrepreneur must give serious consideration to creating videos to advertise her own products. There are basically two kinds of video on the Internet. Video that consists of voice over slides, and live action video. Voice over slides can be done quite simply with your computer and a quality microphone.

If you decide to do live action video, you will need a decent camcorder. Be picky. Read the reviews. Choose the best quality camcorder that you can afford, that meets your total needs. There are so many good camcorders to choose from that you probably won't go wrong if you keep your needs in mind when you buy.

Purchasing a Camcorder

It is important that you do not purchase the first camcorder that you think looks cool. Before investing your hard-earned money, you need to ask around about camcorders. Check with people who have experience using the model that you are interested in. Get on the Internet and read the reviews written by people like you, and some that are written by video pros.

Reviews can help you with find out information on all the different types and styles of camcorders. You'll also surely get advice on which ones you should stay away from. You want to narrow your search to just the ones that your research tells you are the very best for your needs.

Take your time when choosing your camcorder. You don't want to end up paying a premium for one that has features that you will never use, or one that is missing features that are a must for you. My son has a neat camera with a detachable lens that you can attach to your head while your are involved in a physical activity. Makes great action movies, but I don't see me using it to make Internet Marketing videos, but it may be a feature that you can use.

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