Thursday, February 23, 2006

Save $597 by just reading this...

I am not promoting or selling anything here, I'm just trying to keep you informed. I am writing this to perhaps save you $597. As with most of my posts, this is my opinion, and may or may not represent an "absolute truth". Follow along, and I think you'll agree though that what I have to say has a great deal of merit.

You're probably (as I am too) being bombarded by many emails promoting a 'single step' program (which will remain unnamed here) where you could make $500 daily without doing a thing.

I was intrigued to say the least and wanted to promote it, because if I'd probably make a bundle. Being somewhat cheap, but fairly well connected, I did some "in-depth" research on the product.

I found that basically this is a glorified affiliate program paying 80% commission on a $597.00 information package, which is a series of ebooks, software and audio recordings. Sounds profitable! Wait! Read on.

It's not MLM, but you could be excused if you thought it looked like it. The program is based on a structure called the "Aussie 2-up" where you'll have to pass your first two sales to your sponsor.

Who makes the most money? The experienced marketers with the list who get in early, and the creators.

So what is this really?

It's a very smart marketing approach to selling a basic information marketing product. The free teleseminar is just a pitch for a time-sensitive deal to invest $597.00 on the package.

So, do you need this package?

The income opportunity is very appealing, if you can be sure that your efforts will return at least four, and as many as eight sales to break even.

I think that your should be concerned about the following:

1. The Quality of the product.

2. Saturation of the product (which may have already happened)

3. Long-term future of the program.

4. Long-term returns, if any, on YOUR investment.

Remeber, these are my personal views and the program may work well for you.

I've decided that I can't bring myself to promote this to you with a clear conscience - so I'm not.

Hope you've found this useful...



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