Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Create a Free Report in one Hour!

You see ads all over the Internet for Free Reports. Why would profit oriented entrepreneurs waste their time giving away saleable reports? They certainly don't make any money giving away these reports, or do they? Well, not directly, but certainly indirectly by exchanging the report for the name and email address of the would be reader, or entice readers to connect to one of the links within the report. If the Free Report was crafted correctly, the addresses collected and the visits derived from the report are mainly from individuals who are the target market of the entrepreneur.

These are the most valuable folks an web entrepreneur can have contact with, short of actual, previous buyers of the entrepreneur’s products. A Free Report done correctly can become viral and help build the writer’s list and web visits for months, and perhaps even years.

Unfortunately, because they work so well, almost every entrepreneur on the Internet is doing the same thing. The trick is to expose as many people as possible to your Free Report and give them a pervasive reason to download it. Good information is certainly the best way to get individuals to download your offering. Fear is another one of the pervasive motivators. Look at the titles of some of the recent reports and you will see fear in action.

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