Saturday, March 11, 2006

Negotiate Everything

Today, I thought that I might write about something I have spent the last 35 years perfecting - negotiating a deal. I have been and still am on occasion, a union negotiator. I have negotiated many significant deals in the course of my career, and developed a high degree of expertise in the area. I use these skills at every opportunity, and I believe that some of them are invaluable for the small business person.

My definition of negotiating - “Making the impossible acceptable.”

Negotiations usually happen when you are willing to part with something in return for some consideration from another person.

The average person enters into several negotiations every day. Most people just don’t recognize these experiences for what they are - a chance to make a better deal. Beware though, your spouse will not react too kindly if you start negotiating every aspect of your life together *8>) You need to realize, that sometimes taking an opportunity to negotiate a situation does not mean getting what you want.

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