Sunday, April 02, 2006

Joint Venture Marketing Not a Country Club

Joint Venture Marketing Not a Country Club

by Bonnie Kotch

Joint Venture Marketing and business match-making web sites are beginning to pop up all over the Internet and the affiliate marketing arena is leading the pack.

New arrivals to the Internet marketing scene are reading the illustrious eBooks on Joint Venture Marketing and devouring the promises of instant credibility and overnight profits. However, what many find out when getting to the web site promoted in many of these eBooks, is yet another site filled with highly published names, but little substance.

The complete article can be found The Great Ideazine



Great article.

Joint ventures certaintly aren't a "breeze", but comparitively, it takes very little effort to generate a windfall of profit using JV's.

There are some essential ingredients, however, that will make ALL the difference...

1. The Product. Your product (or the product you're brokering) needs to be a PERFECT, laser-targeted match for the subscribers in question.

2. The Offer. Your offer needs to appear as though THEY are getting the large end of the stick - which they should if they're endorsing you. (Remember that most of your money will be made on the "backend" once you have your own client base)

3. KISS. Keep it SIMPLE, Stupid. Make it as EASY as humanly possible for your potential partner to work with you. Do everything for them, and make it seem INSANE if they don't work with you.

They may have the "list" or the "reach" - but you have TIME and ELBOW grease - which they might not.

Leverage that as much as you can.

Until next time,

Chris Rempel
Joint Venture Marketing

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