Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ezine Machine

Have you ever wanted to publish your own attractive, online, html newsletter and... Be respected within your industry?

Help people learn more about your trade? Earn revenue from sponsorship advertising? Well if you've ever wanted to create eye-popping html newsletters in a snap, then you'll be interested in this hot new software package! I'm about to introduce to you a brand new Windows software package that will help you create professional, high quality html newsletters for all of your web sites, programs, and offers - NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Are you a current eZine publisher who sends out all-text eMails to your subscribers?

Well if you are, I'm willing to bet that your response rate could be a lot greater if you offered online HTML newsletters!

HTML newsletters are simply the best way to produce your issues - hands down! Whether you are a complete newbie who has no idea how to write .html code or a seasoned professional who needs more time....this new software package will knock your socks off!

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