Monday, April 17, 2006

7 Dollar Deal

I started a new site this week. On the new site - 7 Dollar Deal - I will offer a product that I have rights to and am currently selling for up to $97, for the ridiculouly low price of $7. Each item will be on sale for only one week, and during many weeks, nothing will be offered for $7.

One Great Product. One Super Price. One Ugly Site. One Short Week.

Yes, the product is available for one week only. Every once in a while I feel compelled to help my subscribers and others by giving away one of my great products for $7. You can still buy the full product from a fancy site, with all of the bonuses, guarantees, etc. elsewhere for as much as $97. but here, there are no bonuses, no fancy site, no refunds or returns, just a great product at a superb price.

If you ever wanted this product but didn't want to pay for the fancy bonuses, fancy site or guarantees, the 7 Dollar Deal is for you.

Currently, I am offering "AutoResponder Secrets Revealed", until April 19, 2006, then it is gone!

Check it out at 7 Dollar Deal


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