Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is this Marketing Technique Losing You Money?

Technology has had significant impact even in the field of marketing. Electronic mail, better known as Email has turned out to be an indispensable medium of marketing on the Internet.

Internet marketing using Email has grown exponentially because it allows your message to be spread over the whole world in the blink of an eye. This makes your Email address accessible to almost every Internet marketer in the country, and the world. Using Emails correctly can make your Internet business seem very techno-savvy and reliable. Unfortunately, unscrupulous marketers are also using technology to generate an almost overwhelming level of SPAM.

Everyone from individual marketers to huge corporations has realized the advantages of Email marketing. There are both advantages and disadvantages to Email Marketing.

Some of the benefits of Email Marketing are:

1. Speed of delivery:

This is one of the main reasons that Email marketing is considered better than most other media for marketing. Email Marketing is fast. Using my desktop computer, I can send over 10,000 Emails hour! Just imaging how fast a dedicated Email server can be. Unlike most other marketing media, Email doesn't have a long lag time between you sending and the recipient receiving the marketing piece. Regular mail can take from one to ten days to reach the recipient. Newspaper and magazine ads can take days to weeks to in some cases months to appear.

Email also has the advantage of high speed of information transfer. If you use just text in your Email the recipient will be able to download your Email in under a second.

2. Speed of generation:

Graphic ads for newspapers and magazines can take days, or even weeks for a professional to generate, while a text Email can be done in minutes. A quality Email with pulling-power can be written, re-written, buffed, shined and ready for sending in under an hour by almost any marketer. Even if you farm the job out, your Email can be ready in under a day.

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