Sunday, December 23, 2007

YouTube and Your Business

Do you enjoy watching videos on YouTube? If you have never visited YouTube before, you are urged to do so, as you will likely find it fun, exciting, and entertaining. For those of you who might never have visited YouTube, YouTube is a video sharing website which allows Internet users, just like you, to upload and share videos that they have made.

Perhaps, the greatest thing about YouTube is that it is free. You can visit the YouTube website to watch videos without having to create a YouTube account.

Registering With YouTube

Although you are not required to create a YouTube account, you may want to look into doing so, as there are a number of benefits to being a YouTube member. The primary one being that you can advertise your business.

Registering for a free YouTube account is relatively easy to do. When you signup for a free YouTube account, you need to provide only a very little bit of information about yourself. This information includes your name, the country that you live in, your zip code, your date of birth, as well as your gender. You will also need to create a YouTube user name for yourself, and of course a password. Your password and user name will be used to log into your account each time that you return to the site. Signing up for a YouTube account should take only a few minutes of your time at the most.

Benefits of a YouTube Account

Once you have created a free YouTube account for yourself, you can then begin to enjoy the many benefits of having a YouTube account. One of those benefits is the ability to rate and leave comments for videos that you watch. As it was previously mentioned, you can watch videos on YouTube without having a YouTube account, but you cannot rate videos or leave comments for the video owner. Rating YouTube videos gives other YouTube users an idea as to which videos are high in demand, which, in turn, can lead to more of your favourite videos being found on the YouTube site. That’s just one of the many reasons why you should not only signup for a free YouTube account, but also rate or leave comments for all YouTube videos that you watch.

Share Your Videos

In addition to being able to rate or review videos, registering for a free YouTube account also gives you the option of sharing your videos with other Internet users. Non-registered YouTube members are unable to upload and share any videos that they may have made. If you have never shared videos online, you may want to think about doing so, as they are fun to make. Many of the videos currently found on YouTube are comedy skits, video blogs, and candid videos. If done properly, a video can help to publicize your website or product. Just be careful not to be crass about how your video advertises your site. Check out these examples of advertising:

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Example Four

What Do I Need?

All you really need to have is a video recording device, such as a cell phone, webcam, or camcorder, and a piece of movie editing software program, which now comes standard on most computers.

Just to re-iterate, creating a membership account with YouTube is free and it should only take a few minutes of your time. If you market using the Internet, you will not only want to visit YouTube, but you will also want to take the few minutes needed to register for a free account. If you can create a video that gets a lot of play, your business will get a lot of exposure and perhaps gain a few sales.

Good luck and great profits.

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