Thursday, June 01, 2006


I was talking to a friedn of mine yesterday while paying my phone bill. Seems that she (Jules Carlysle) has written a book about U.S. President Bush.

Dumbass is the complete compendium of stupid quotes from the grammatically and intellectually challenged 43rd President of the United States. At once laugh out loud funny and infuriating, Dumbass reflects W’s words through the lens of popular culture and history, utilizing clever and insightful quotes from our favorite comedians and historical figures to draw greater insight into the mind of this spectacularly and uniquely inept man.

Dumbass will escort you humorously through years of George's verbal carnage and leave readers wondering how and why someone so stupid was able to usurp America and orchestrate the greatest foreign relations disaster in history.

Republicans and other Bush supporters should feel free to use the 650-page volume to beat themselves about the head until November 2008.

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Feel, Felt, Found

Today’s negotiating strategy could easily take up a whole chapter in a book. I've pared it down to the bare essentials in order to have it fit into one newsletter article.

Whenever I have been negotiating a tough deal with another party, there has inevitably come a time when I needed to change the other person’s mind on some item under negotiation. I have seen many a deal lost because one party refused to budge, and the other party couldn't let an item go. At this point, a skilled negotiator earns his keep, if he has a tool or strategy to break the impasse by getting one of the parties to change their position on the item. One of the best methods I have used, when I had strong information to support my position, is called Feel, Felt, Found.

Basically, I build empathy by acknowledging that I understand the other party’s point. I go on to reiterate their position and state that I have held that belief myself. Finally, I outline the information that caused me to change my mind and brought me to my current position.

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