Friday, June 09, 2006

Keywords—Optimizing Your Site to Get Top Billing at Search Engines

Setting up a web site is the very first step of an Internet marketing campaign, and the success or failure of your site depends greatly on how specifically you have defined your web site goals. If you don't know what you want your site to accomplish, it will most likely fail to accomplish anything. Without goals to guide you in developing and monitoring your web site, all your site will be is an on-line announcement that you are in business.

If you expect your site to stimulate some type of action, whether it is visitors filling out a form so a representative can contact them, or purchasing a product, there are steps you can take to insure that your web site is functioning at peak efficiency. One of the first indicators of how well your site is working for you is finding out the number of visitors in a given period of time. A good baseline measurement is a month in which you haven't been doing any unusual off-line promotional activities.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

15 Day Resell Rights Success

7 Dollar Deal has a new product for the next 8 days called 15 Day Resell Rights Success.

It will allow you to transform your collection of products with resell rights into income-producing assets that put money into YOUR pocket in 15 days!

For the restless, fustrated resellers out there (That's YOU, alright!)... Finally, there as a detailed, step-by-step reseller's plan that You can follow blindly and copy for under $200 - That the average reseller does not!

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