Friday, September 15, 2006

Advertising Through Articles

Writing targeted articles can be a very efficient method of advertising your professional services, the products you sell, or even to help you find a better job.

The trick is to write a substantive article about a solution to an actual problem, about everyday life, or your own opinion on some topic of current interest. At the end of the article you should attach a short blurb or presentation on you or your business. Since this blurb must be very short (5 - 6 lines) you should always include a link to more in-depth information about yourself or your business.
Publishing Your Article

Once you have a great article, no one is going to read it unless you get it in front of their face. The first thing you should do is post your article on your own web site and your blog. Once you have done this, search out sites that deal with similar material, and to which you can submit these articles for posting or for use by newsletter editors and other publishers. The only condition you should insist upon is that the site keep the article’s original form, including your blurb, without alteration. This will give you and your article more visibility and is exactly what you want.

Don't stop here. Promote your article any and every legitimate way possible. Put a link to your article in the signature file at the end of all of your emails. If you have a database of your customers' emails, drop them an email pointing them to the article on your personal or professional web site.

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