Thursday, October 26, 2006

Using an Autoresponder to Publish an Ezine

Managing your list and your newsletter can be a large pain if you are forced to do it manually. An autoresponder can automate and make this task less tedious.

Using an Autoresponder to Publish an Ezine

If you would be successful on the web, you need access to an autoresponder. There are many practical uses for an autoresponder such as using it to publish and distribute an ezine or newsletter. Since autoresponder services usually are set up to send automatic responses to the people on a list at certain intervals after they sign up, setting up an autoresponder to send out an ezine can be a little confusing.

The Broadcast Feature

Depending on the service or autoresponder that you are using, you will have a ‘broadcast’ feature. The broadcast feature works essentially the same as the autoresponse feature, with one big difference. The messages are not sent out at intervals after a person signs up. The messages can, however, be scheduled to go out on a certain day, which has no bearing on when the subscriber was actually added to the mailing list.

Broadcast messages are ‘one time’ messages that are only sent to your current mailing list. People who sign up for your list after the broadcast has been sent do not receive it, unless they specifically request it from a special autoresponder address, which you must set up.

Using the broadcast feature of most autoresponder services, you can simply go and either type your newsletter, or copy and paste it into the editor, then choose to send the broadcast to your entire mailing list. Most advanced autoresponder services will usually have a broadcasting feature, but you may have to poke around a little to find it.

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