Monday, December 11, 2006

How Does Air Freight Service Work

Our present day living is driven by the need to communicate, to be informed and to send various items worldwide. And due to time constraint and the immediate necessity to transfer everything in the fastest mode of transportation available, the airline and cargo industry have devised ways of carrying cargoes while minimizing time incurred during the process.

Cargo shipment by air is now referred to as air freight service. Items shipped in this mode range anywhere from a couple of pounds to as much as 43,000 pounds. Therefore accommodating almost all items with a need for immediate shipment.

Parcels and express letters are typically the easiest to ship due to their relatively handy size and weight. For larger-sized items however, various methods of shipment may be required depending on the number of categories including:

§ The size and weight of the item
§ The duration (number of days) required for shipment
§ The type of item

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