Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rant and Rave

Today, I just want to vent a little *8>)

I received emails promoting two programs that are to be kind, a waste of time. I am speaking about Cash Creation System by Sebastion Foss, and Ridiculous Income Goals by Rob Toth. I'll speak about them separately.

The Cash Creation System by Sebastion Foss is as close to a scam as you can get. The basic premise is that you can make a bundle doing surveys. I thought that it sounded great, so I purchased it for my wife, thinking that the guy had vetted these survey companies. Not a chance! He just created a database of companies that purport to do surveys. If they had an affiliate program, he joined and included his link in the database.

Once my wife started signing up for these "great survey companies that pay an average $75 to $250 per survey", she was inundated with requests for money. Some were veiled - fill in the survey, get three friends to make a purchase, give us $100 and we'll give you a $10 coupon. Not once in over 100 survey companies that she joined did she ever get one survey that paid anything - never mind average $75 to $250.

Naturally, we asked for our money back. We sent six emails to various addresses given us by Sebastion Foss or his websites, and never got a reply, never mind our money back! Don't get sucked in, stay clear of this one.

The second one is even more blatant. I bought Ridiculous Income Goals by Rob Toth two weeks ago and was totally disappointed. The ebook is basically a pep talk with links to products that he recommends you buy. No real information is shared. It's a product that he should have given away in hopes of building his list, but no, he used the $7 script to peddle it and capture your name for his list.

He was able to suck in 600 folks like me to buy it, and now is offering the resale rights to these same folks. I'm walking as far away from this guy as I can get, and I recommend that you do the same.

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