Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

I had a little fun this week. I found a bunch of Sherlock Holmes stories and put them into an easy to read pdf. These 12 Sherlock Holmes adventures are yours free. You can read 'em, enjoy 'em, pass them on to your friends, etc. I only ask that you do not charge for the compendium. NO signups, sharing emails or anything else can be required for folks to get this pdf. Pick up your copy free at:


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How to Run Your Own Teleseminar

Teleseminars are a great way to keep in contact with your buyers, and maybe even make a buck or two. A teleseminar should be a dialogue, not a monologue, but you can't just let 500 people put in their two-bits worth any time they want. You can however unmute the lines from time to keep to give them a chance to speak by answering questions like, “How are we doing, good or great?” They will invariably shout great!

You need a moderator - someone to participate for the audience. Make sure that you have the audience take notes - the moderator does also. At strategic points have the moderator acknowledge that the note is made i.e. “Got that down Harry?” or “Have you got any questions?” and accept the answer as if it came from the whole group.

To make your teleseminar work for you, you must script the call according to a very specific timeline and know exactly what to say at certain points along that timeline.

The Welcoming

First there is The Welcoming which occurs for 10 minutes before the actual call starts. Do the welcome. Have people say their first name and their city. If you are dealing with businesses, you should ask for their name and their website. This establishes that there are many folks on the line, and with any luck, shows how diverse they are geographically.

Start the Call on Time

Although you want to start exactly on time, you must do filler for a couple of minutes to allow latecomers to get on the line. Latecomers are also potential buyers and you don't want them to miss any part of the main message.

The Introduction

For the first ten minutes cover:

1. Who is being interviewed. Give their name and their background Or if it is just you, give your name and background. People need to be reminded who is doing the call.

2. How the teleconference came to be. Give them the story behind the call. Make it interesting.

3. Why should they be listening. Benefits. Remember to state the benefits of listening, not the features of your product.

The Majority of people will be on the call from minute ten to minute forty so any sales pitch must occur during that period.

For the first 55 minutes, tell stories or how to do something. During first minutes mention that you have two gifts you will give toward end of call to everyone on the call at that time.

Call To Action #1 (CTA)

Make your first CTA #1 somewhere around minute 15 (between minutes 10 and 20 will do). Instruct them to, “Go to my website for the full story.” This should be a full domain, not a directory - you can utilize a re-direct if necessary, but direct them to a full domain. This sets the hook. They should not be sent to phone number or email as there is nothing to learn, just action to take.

Testimonials and CTA #2

Around the 30 minute mark say something like, “I'd like you go to my and give me your feedback, both positive or negative. I want to know how you feel about the content that we're delivering. Please do so after the call. Just write that URL down now.” Make sure you ask during the call. After the call you are unlikely to get any. At this point, tell them again to go to your website to get the full story.

Call To Action #3

At minute 40 do exactly the same. Send them to the exact same URL you gave them earlier.

Ethical Bribe

Around minute 40 - 55 give them a magic word, private web page, private email to get a special gift. Your gift can be content, money, anything. The objective of the bribe is to get them to take some action. The bribe increases the likelihood of their taking action on a purchase. Mention that you will have another gift at around minute 60 also.

Summary or Recap

Summarize what you have done every 10 to 15 minutes or so throughout teleseminar. You want your listeners to be absolutely clear on what you are saying becasue confused minds never buy. Confused minds never buy absolutely. Recap all of content including the CTAs and the ethical bribe.

Go over the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Allow unmuted questions on a paid call, but you feed the questions on a free call. You could have them send them in prior to the call.

End the Call

If it is a free call, end it exactly on time. If it is a paid call, you may wish to run over time to finish answering questions.

Thank everyone for attending and remind them of that URL you want them to visit.

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