Friday, March 07, 2008

Haven't had much time to work on my websites this week because of computer problems - not mine, customers! I have had a rush of clients with computers that keep restarting without ever finishing a boot. Funny thing, they don't all have the same problem. One had a faulty power supply, several had leaking capacitors on the motherboard, and one just lost its mind and had to have the operating system reloaded. Several years ago millions of 'counterfeit' capacitors found their way into the system. Every manufacturer was duped. Some more than others. I thought that all of the motherboards built with these faulty capacitors had died long ago, but looks like we're in for a second round of dead motherboards. There's no real money in diagnosing these problems - can't charge more than $75 per hour - but I like the challenge *8>)

Are you annoyed by those videos with the chipmunks? Here's how to fix the problem for FREE. Read the article here and Download the Camtasia Audio Bug Fix. The zip file is located at the bottom of that page.

Visited an exciting new free site. Here's a quote from their headline "TokSee = 'The New Googlelicous Kid on the Block'® Imagine a Company that could harness the power of Facebook; MySpace; YouTube & Skype and become much bigger than all of them combined!" Click HERE to check it out.

I am always working to get a higher placement for my sites on the search engines. I am not always successful in getting my sites on the first page of Google. About a month ago I read a new ebook on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and picked up a couple of tips. I was really surprised to find that the three sites where I used the new ideas on jumped from lacklustre placements to the first page on Google, and first place on Yahoo. I ran out and bought the rights to the ebook. If you need some SEO tips for your sites, you can find the ebook on Ebooks and More *8>)

I am still adding to the deals at ebooks and more every day. Check it out.

Ebooks and More

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