Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marketing Techniques Compendium Part 2

Affiliate programming

You can offer your products’ through an affiliate program. Generally, you allow anyone to become an affiliate, as long as they follow your rules. Affiliates get a commission on each sale. It can be paid immediately after the sale, or accumulated and paid out periodically.

Subscriber list

You should provide your visitors an opportunity to sign up for your list on every page of your site. To get them to sign up, you must offer them value for their email addresses. A free gift immediately and the promise of a quality newsletter or free gifts regularly is a good value. Regular communication with them is crucial to maintaining their interest. Asking for their input and opinion about the site is also a very good idea.


You should place a “Tell-a-friend” script on strategic pages of your website. If visitors recommend your website to other people, you will get more quality traffic. A recommendation from a friend is about the best advertising you can get.

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