Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Does Your Copywriting Stink?

Successful marketers must learn to write quality copy because that’s what puts money in the bank. On the Internet, words are the only tool you have to convince people to buy your product. But you don't need to be the world’s best copywriter to succeed.

Create Your Sales Letter

To be a successful copywriter, you sales letters need only hold the reader’s attention long enough to convince a reasonable number of them to buy your product.

Before you can be successful as a copywriter you need something great to write about. A great offer can consist of one or more components. Your offer is great because of its perceived value. You may need some type of gimmick to give you product this high perceived value.

The number one way that Internet Marketers create perceived value is through bonuses. The more bonuses, up to a point, the higher the perceived value. The better your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the higher the perceived value. You must of course present your USP in a killer way.

You may have noticed that I talked about perceived, not real value. Your visitors will buy your product based on the value they perceive it to have for them, not what it actually cost you to create and manufacture. Your sales letter will determine for them the value of your product.

Write a Killer Sales Letter


Your headline is the attention getter that you use to hook your visitor into reading on. It is not a sales pitch, although it should contain your most important benefit, but rather a grabber to get people to read more of your copy. Your headline should shock or intrigue your reader. You should always put quotes around your headline.

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