Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guru Sales Page Distilled

by Jim Mr Idea Green

I just got a series of emails from one of the "big names" in Internet Marketing. He's got a "great" new product that he is flogging. I thought that I might take a look at his sales page, and distill it down to the bare essentials for you. Once I give you my impressions, I'll give you a link to the page so that you can see just how it is implemented.

The copy starts out with the obligatory headline, screaming out a can't resist benefit of the product. This is quickly followed up by a sub-head that helps to prop up and expand the headline while bringing in the spectre of scarcity.

I was appalled that in a highlighted box that scarcity was emphasized again using a random number script. "There Are Only 10 Spots Left In Thunder Bay, Ontario" which if you reload the page, becomes a random number between three and ten - at least that was the spread I got when I reloaded the page! Destroyed the credibility for me. It was a nice touch of personalization that the script was able to pinpoint the city where I live.

Having set up that I needed the product, and I might not be able to get it for long, the copywriter included a custom buy now button.

At this point, the copy reverts to form. The writer is identified, today's date is included, and I am addressed as "Dear Friend".

Establish Need

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