Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wake The Dead

What do you do with customers who leave your fold, or haven't made a purchase in long time? These are valuable members of your list, and you need to take action to reactivate them, and get them buying again, if at all possible.

I like to review my customers every three to six months or so. I make a list of customers who have not made a purchase from me within the last year. I write them a nice note. I ask a question using a format something like this:

    Dear Dead Customer, [put their name there]

    I want to thank you for purchasing [name of product here], however, I'm surprised that I haven't heard from you in a while. I was hoping to find out why. That way I can fix it for you, but certainly I can make sure that it won't happen again to anyone else.

    Also, I wanted to make you aware of [insert offer here] that I've just rolled out. Because you are an important customer, I wanted to extend to you a loyalty reward on this new product I am rolling out. [Put your offer here. Make it as good as you possibly can.]


    [Your Name]

This will awaken many of your dead or inactive customers. If you repeat this every three to six months, you can expect 10-30% of these lost souls to become your active customers again.

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