Thursday, August 17, 2006

Advertising in Ezines

We discussed earlier the advantages of having advertising space in your ezine. In this article we will discuss advertising in other companies’ ezines and how it can be as equally beneficial.

By advertising in other ezines, you can reach an audience which is highly targeted and cost effective. Moreover, you can never be accused of spamming as all the recipients have subscribed to the ezine. There are so many ezines out there covering so many different topics that it's easy to find highly targeted ones to advertise in. So if you've matched the ezine to the product you're selling, you've reached your target audience to a tee.

Almost all ezines are archived, thousands of people read these archives, and your ad will be seen by these people at no extra cost. This can bring in exposure and extra sales on a long term basis. Besides, ezine publishers may have already developed a trust between themselves and their readers. Just by placing your ad in the ezine, it's more likely to be read because it appears in a publication they like and trust.

The full article may be read at: The Great Ideazine

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Blog, Tag & Ping Tutorial

· How many times have you created the perfect web site only to find that no matter what you do or what you try, Google simply won’t pick it up?

· How many great ideas have you had go down the financial toilet simply because the Yahoo spiders took too long to visit and index your site?

· How many hourshave you wasted submitting your site to every known search engine only to find that four months later you were no further than you when you first started?

Are you ready to get results?

There’s no doubt, the most difficult marketing technique for any Internet marketer to learn is how to get your sites indexed.

Until you master it, the web site that you are counting on to generate sales, build your reputation, or generate AdSense revenue is just floating in cyberspace--worthless.

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