Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Banner Ads

When the Web first started, banners were all the rage. Today, they're pretty much passé. They're no longer a novelty and unless they're super-clever, users pretty much ignore them. Conversion rates have dropped through the floor and many advertisers have found other ways to push their products.
Whopping Great Banner Ad

And yet, almost every web site still contains a whopping great banner ad splashed along the top or running up the side. In part, that’s because they've become more sophisticated with better targeting and improved graphics. But in practice, banner ads tend to be used for one of two reasons: as a method of gaining / giving users through an affiliate program; or as a way of generating revenue — or traffic — through paid advertising.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Joint Venture Marketing Not a Country Club

Joint Venture Marketing Not a Country Club

by Bonnie Kotch

Joint Venture Marketing and business match-making web sites are beginning to pop up all over the Internet and the affiliate marketing arena is leading the pack.

New arrivals to the Internet marketing scene are reading the illustrious eBooks on Joint Venture Marketing and devouring the promises of instant credibility and overnight profits. However, what many find out when getting to the web site promoted in many of these eBooks, is yet another site filled with highly published names, but little substance.

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